Game Processing

Before the pork, before the beef, Pioneer had a dream. That dream was to bring diversity to Alberta's wild game processing landscape and provide hunters with unique, high end butchery options.
Pioneer has evolved since, but our commitment to providing hunters with access to premium wild game butchery has not. In our view, there is no more natural or sustainable way of sourcing your meat than through ethical and responsible hunting.
You have done the hard work, so go the extra step this year and do something special with your harvest. Our menu includes premium sausage, salami and charcuterie options. All recipes have been specifically tailored to compliment the flavour of your game meat.
Please note that due to limitations at our facility, Pioneer does not offer cut and wrap, only processing of trim into our unique line of products. Please call or email with any processing related inquiries. Minimum 10 kg batch size for all sausages / salami.

De-boning - $5.00/kg


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Pioneer Menu

To maximize your enjoyment, below each product we have indicated which sources of game meat pair best with the flavours. Please use the legend below to help navigate our menu:

                                                                                Big Game            Waterfowl           Upland


De-boning - $40.00 per animal
Cut & Wrap $5.00/kg


Apricot & Herb Breakfast - $8.00/kg

A great fit for game of all species. The  sweet, nectarous flavour of the apricot is perfectly complimented by the subtle earthy taste of the alpine herbs.

Ingredients: Your game, pasture raised pork, caramelized onion, dried apricot, fresh sage, fresh thyme, black pepper, red chili flake


Blueberry  / Blueberry Breakfast - $8.00/kg

Originally created for bison, this recipe is perfectly suited for wild game. This sausage features bursts of sweetness from the dried blueberries with subtle hits of fresh ginger and sage. Available in dinner or breakfast links.

Ingredients: Your game, pasture raised pork, dried blueberry, fresh ginger, red chili flake, black pepper, apple cider vinegar, fresh sage, brown sugar


Cantonese Breakfast - $8.00/kg

Southeastern inspired breakfast links boasting a subtle variety of oriental flavours including fresh ginger, garlic and gluten-free soy sauce. Think dumpling in a sausage.

Ingredients: Your game, free range pork, salt, phosphate, dextrose, ginger, garlic, gluten free soy, white pepper, shallot, cabbage, green onion


Cranberry - $8.00/kg

The same recipe as our regular menu elk cranberry. The alpine herbs and cranberry are a perfect compliment to big game meat. 

Ingredients: Your game, free range pork, salt, phosphate, dextrose, black pepper, nutmeg, thyme, ginger, cranberry, red wine


French Onion - $8.00/kg

This sentimental sausage is packed with flavor including huge chunks of gruyere, fresh thyme and house-prepared caramelized onion.

Ingredients: Your game, free range pork, salt, phosphate, dextrose, Grass-fed beef broth, thyme, gruyere, caramelized onion, brown sugar, black pepper


Italian / Italian Breakfast - $8.00/kg

Toss it in a soup, mix it into pasta, pop it on a pizza, throw it on a bun – Italian sausage goes with whatever you are craving. Available in dinner or breakfast links.

Ingredients: Your game, free range pork, salt, phosphate, dextrose, fennel, coriander, paprika, oregano, black pepper, red chili flake, cayenne


Marinara - $8.00/kg

Marinara is one of the worlds greatest sauces, and its now a part of one of our greatest sausages. These links are filled with our homemade marinara sauce complimented by fresh basil and a healthy dose of parmesan.

Ingredients: Your game, free range pork, salt, phosphate, dextrose, black pepper, red chili flake, parmesan, house made tomato sauce, basil


Mexican - $8.00/kg

Inspired by authentic flavours from the streets of Mexico, this sausage is packed full of simple, tasteful and fresh ingredients including tomato, corn, beans, and of course, jalapeno.

Ingredients: Your game, free range pork, salt, phosphate, dextrose, black pepper, cilantro, jalapeno, red onion, corn, beans, sundried tomato, cheddar


Saigon Curry - $8.00/kg

Prepared like a classic Louisiana Boudin, the Saigon Curry is a cooked sausage packed full of rice, veggies and spice. In our opinion this is one of the best options for "gamier" meats like waterfowl.

Ingredients: Your game, free range pork, rice, salt, phosphate, dextrose, Pioneer chili paste, ginger, shallot, garlic, fish sauce, cilantro, green onion, Thai chili


Tuk Tuk - $8.00/kg

One of our most popular sausages. The Tuk Tuk features a delicious mix of Thai flavours complimented by a subtle heat from birds eye chili's.

Ingredients: Your game, free range pork, salt, phosphate, dextrose, gluten free soy, coconut milk, cilantro, green curry paste, birds eye chili


Smoked Products

Ginger Jerky - $20.00/kg

A thick cut, smoked beef jerky with a completely unique flavour profile including fresh ginger and a meticulously crafted spice blend.

Ingredients: Your game, ginger, garlic, gluten-free soy, chili flake, brown sugar, black pepper, white pepper, salt, sodium nitrate


Original Jerky - $20.00/kg

Thick cut and smoked featuring our original spice blend. Adding some much needed variety to Alberta’s current jerky landscape.

Ingredients: Your game, onion powder, garlic powder, black pepper, brown sugar, salt, sodium nitrate


Pepperoni / Pizza Pepperoni - $10.00/kg

Includes a carefully crafted spice blend with a touch of fresh tomato paste for an authentic Italian finish. Available in pepperoni sticks or pizza pepperoni.

Ingredients: Your game, free range pork, black pepper, coriander, Thai basil, sugar, cayenne, red chili flake, paprika, salt, sodium nitrate, phosphate, garlic, oregano, tomato paste, garlic powder


Smoked Chorizo - $10.00/kg

Chorizo is a versatile sausage that has been a staple in many cultures for centuries. The flavours of this timeless classic are one of the best compliments to your game.

Ingredients: Your game, free range pork, salt, phosphate, dextrose, all spice, anise seed, thyme, garlic, white pepper, brown sugar, red chili flake, cayenne, paprika


Smokies - $10.00/kg

Lean & spicy. Our smokies include a pepperoni style spice mix and are smoked to perfection.

Ingredients: Your game, sodium nitrate, black pepper, corriander, basil, brown sugar, cayenne, red chili flake, paprika, salt, garlic, oregano, phosphate, tomato paste, garlic powder


Chili Cheese Smokies - $12.00/kg

Taking the flavours of the timeless American classic “chilli cheese dog” and packing them into a smokie made with your game and free range pork.

Ingredients: Your game, free range pork, salt, phosphate, sodium nitrate, mustard powder, paprika, coriander, white pepper, garlic, brown sugar, chili powder, cumin, cheddar, corn, beans


Smoked Duck / Goose Breast - $20.00/kg

Brined for 24 hours and then gently smoked, creating a rich flavour that highlights your waterfowl's natural goodness. Perfect for a charcuterie platter or your dinner menu.

Ingredients: Your game, salt, sodium nitrate, brown sugar, white sugar, fennel, star anise, black pepper, bay leaves


Cranberry Walnut Salami  - $20.00/kg

Dazzle your dinner guests this year by serving up your game on a charcuterie platter. The sweet-tart flavour of the dried cranberries find a perfect partner when paired with the savory taste and buttery consistency of the walnuts.

Ingredients: Your game, free range pork, red wine, dried cranberries, walnuts, ground pepper, salt, sodium nitrate, dextrose, culture


Tuscan Salami - $20.00/kg

When most people think salami, they think Italian. This is Pioneer’s take on the savory and aromatic fan favorite in the cured meats department.

Ingredients: Your game, free range pork, salt, sodium nitrate, dextrose, culture, red wine, fennel, garlic, black peppercorns


Landjager - $20.00/kg

The original survival snack, eaten by European hunters for centuries. This traditional German semi-dried sausage is nostalgic and delicious.

Ingredients: Your game, free range pork, salt, sodium nitrate, dextrose, culture, red wine, garlic, cloves, cayenne, coriander, black pepper


Red Wine Prosciutto - $50.00 per piece

Try something completely different with your game this year. Savory with a pleasant, sweet and intense fragrance. Best served thinly sliced.

Ingredients: Your game, red wine, brown sugar, salt, sodium nitrate

Other Products

Bacon Burgers Patties - $12.00/kg

Taking our classic burger patty to the next level with the addition of our own smoked, dry-cured bacon. Ready to grill and enjoy.

Ingredients: Your game, Pioneer dry cured bacon, rosemary, chili flake, cayenne

Classic Burgers Patties - $8.00/kg

In our opinion, when it comes to burgers, simple is better. Our homemade burgers are handcrafted into perfect, grill-ready patties.

Ingredients: Your game