Game Processing

Respect Your Game

Offering all of our signature sausages, jerky, air dried salami and game prosciutto Pioneer boasts a product line unlike any other in Alberta. Respect your game and turn this years harvest into into premium sausage and exclusive charcuterie products.

Having no hanging cooler Pioneer does not offer cut and wrap, only processing of trim into our unique line of charcuterie products. Please call with any inquiries regarding processing. There is a 10kg minimum batch size for all sausages / salami. 

Wild Game Product Line

Apricot & Herb Breakfast - $8.00/kg

Cantonese Breakfast - $8.00/kg

Blueberry Breakfast - $8.00/kg

Italian / Italian Breakfast - $8.00/kg

Marinara - $8.00/kg

Mexican - $8.00/kg

Tuk Tuk - $8.00/kg

French Onion - $8.00/kg

Pioneer Burger Patties - $8.00/kg

Pepperoni - $10.00/kg

Smoked Chorizo - $10.00/kg

Original Jerky - $20.00/kg

Ginger Beef Jerky - $20.00/kg

Tuscan Salami - $20.00/kg

Cranberry Walnut Salami - $20.00/kg

Prosciutto - $50.00 per piece

If you have ordered any of our sausages containing cheese the cost of the cheese will be added to the final invoice.

Straight shooting and we hope to see you soon!