Breakfast Bowl

A hearty breakfast bowl featuring Pioneer Chicken Apricot Sausage, Chili Rosemary Bacon and fresh veggies from a handful of local growers!

You'll need:


1) Cook desired amount of rice in a pot of water with a heaping tablespoon of butter

2) Preheat a cast iron skillet and toss in some Pioneer Chili Rosemary Bacon. Meanwhile thinly slice your yellow onion, roughly chop your shiitakes and cabbage.

3) Remove bacon from your cast iron when it has reached your desired crispiness. Toss your sliced onions into the greased pan, satay until translucent. Add your mushrooms followed by the chopped cabbage. 

4) Dice your cooked bacon and add back into skillet. Cook down (we like to pull the mix out of the pan while the cabbage still has some crunch to it)

5) Place cooked rice in the bottom of a serving bowl. Remove veggie/bacon mixture from your pan and place on top of your rice. Throw your Pioneer Chicken Apricot Sausage into the emptied skillet. Cook sausage to a internal temp of 160 F - remove from pan and place 2 on top of your veggie mix.

6) Crack a few Mans Eggs and cook sunny-side up in your skillet. While the eggs are cooking roughly chop some baby kale and grate your Avalon Cheddar.

7) Place your sunny-side up egg on the top of your bowl. Sprinkle your grated cheddar on top and garnish with your chopped baby kale.

8) Serve and enjoy!